Humanistic helps its clients imagine breakthrough products, services, and experiences by leveraging human behaviours, developing new technologies, and exploring untapped markets.

Our Services
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Vision & Strategy

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Identify bold new visions of the future, market threats or risks, and opportunities to create value for new groups of customers — with a concrete plan for how to get there.

Foresight and Vision Development
Thesis and Thematic Area Discovery
Scenario and Uncertainty Planning
Market Trend and Driver Analysis
Product, Portfolio and Innovation Strategy
Strategic Roadmapping
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Research & Insights

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Uncover the deeper human complexities and insights that drive breakthrough innovation — fundamental for understanding more than just the what, but the why.

Journey Mapping and Experience Capture
Ethnography, Observation, and Street Intercepts
User/Usability Testing and Validation
Experience Audits, Reviews and Safaris
Documentation and Literature Review
Market, Environment, and Horizon Scanning
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Design & Innovation

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Collaboratively explore, experiment, and realize new products, services, and experiences — flawlessly executed, without guesswork or gut decisions.

Interaction Design and Prototyping
Digital Product Design, Product Logic
Experience, Service, and Systems Design
R&D Research Commercialization
Venture and New Business Design
Speculative Futures Design
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Training & Enablement

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Assess and grow your in-house capacity for empathy, creativity, and curiosity — amplifying the level of  innovation that is possible at your organization.

Generative Co-creation Workshops
Innovation Capability Assessments
Training Program: Problem Modelling and Framing
Training Program: Future Experience Design
Innovation Bootcamps and Upskill Workshops
Custom Training and Curriculum Development
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Our Approach

Our approach goes beyond short term wins and narrow contexts. We uniquely consider the broader systems, complexities, and implications needed when taking on more formidable problems.

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Our Principles

Humanistic thinking is not a marketing buzzword — it’s core to our entire philosophy.

Humanistic Thinking should…

Be informed by human contexts or systems

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Good design always starts with people. This is achieved through deep immersion into various human contexts like culture, business, technology, and the web of systems that underpin our world. Embracing people as complex, contradictory beings builds empathy, furnishes unique and diverse perspectives, and illuminates the underlying meanings behind behaviours.

Fulfill real human needs and values

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People are more than abstract personas or segments, each with their own unique needs and values that vary depending on context. To find the right problems to solve, the challenges and opportunities that real people encounter in their daily lives must be carefully understood. Learning people’s true wants, needs, and values will uncover Product-Human Fit on the path to Product-Market Fit.

Leverage how people think and feel

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If you want to know what someone really thinks or feels, one of the worst things you can do is ask them. Finding guidance from the social sciences and other related fields can provide deeper explanations towards the nature of human cognition and emotion. A nuanced understanding of these motivations and attitudes is core to creating experiences for the right mindsets.

Leverage how people communicate and perceive

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Often times, people say one thing and mean another. Decoding these dynamics requires insight from disparate fields like semiotics, anthropology, and cognitive science. The mechanics behind human communication and perception are key to arriving at solutions that are clear, relevant, and stand out in a noisy world.

Leverage how people act individually or in groups

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There are numerous internal and external forces that influence human behaviour. Social anthropology, psychology, and behavioural economics can provide insight into how these forces drive individuals & groups. Untangling these complex dynamics and relationships allows for solutions that are mindful of how they might affect people's actions - and vice versa.

Enhance human ability and address its limitations

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Humans are good at some things and bad at others. To account for this, it's wise to reference the fields of ergonomics and cognitive psychology to uncover the unique boundaries of human capability. This allows for solutions that are inclusive, accessible, and augment our abilities to be better while mitigating our shortcomings.

Be good for humans and the environment

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We live in a complex world, where decisions can have unintended downstream effects on people and the ecosystems they inhabit. Designed solutions should always consider the wider systems were a part of, and never harm humans or the world around us - either on purpose or by accident.

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