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Bring exceptional new ideas to life with fresh unconventional mindsets and novel methods.

Problem: Overload

When internal teams are stretched thin with existing initiatives.

Even the most robust internal teams can encounter obstacles or become overloaded in light of all of the innovation, research, and design challenges put on their plate. It's not difficult to imagine talented internal design teams stretched thin by high workloads, limited bandwidth, or competing corporate priorities. Skill gaps (or the need for specialized expertise), organizational bottlenecks, and rapid continual market shifts further exacerbate these situations, leading to a slow struggle to deliver results. It's just the nature of the designing inside a big corporate machine, unfortunately.

We’ve been on both sides of the table; in these circumstances joining forces with an external firm (like Humanistic) can be the catalyst companies need to break through their roadblocks and successfully launch innovative new products and services. Our design packages empower organizations to deliver better, faster, so they can outpace their competitors and disrupt established markets. Hand-crafting world-class products, unraveling intricate connected experiences/services, and forging visionary emerging technologies, Humanistic empowers companies to close the gap, forge new markets, and actually transform their ideas into captivating realities.

When you need a world class product people will love, without breaking the bank

Companies always need cost-effective, world-class products that deliver both business value, differentiation, and user delight. However, creating well-designed, user-friendly products that cater to market demands is no simple task. Good products are both expensive to make, and essential for maintaining a competitive edge, attracting new customers, and strengthening the company's position. We deeply understand the art and science of making products that people love, including how to build them without breaking the bank.

Situations where companies may need a new product

  • New market entry

  • Product portfolio expansion 

  • Disrupting established markets 

  • Responding to emerging customer needs 

  • Rebranding or revamping existing offerings

  • Enhancing your competitive position 

When you need to figure out a complex system or service, and make sure it all works

Service/System Design is essential when companies need to untangle complex connected experiences, services, and the logic beneath platforms or portfolio-wide initiatives. As a combination of systems thinking, human-centred research, business analysis, and strategy; Service/System Design plays a crucial role in enabling companies to deliver complex experiences frictionlessly. When organizations create smooth, effective, and user-friendly services and systems, the net effect is increased revenue, reduced operational costs (customer support), and rabidly positive customer advocacy.

Situations requiring Service/System Design include

  • Launching new services or connected product lines 

  • Digital transformations 

  • Mergers and acquisitions 

  • Scaling complex operations 

  • Improving customer experiences 

  • Optimizing internal processes

  • Responding to regulatory changes 

When you need something new that is valuable to users and leapfrogs our competitors

Emerging Technology Design services assist companies in creating new products or services that provide value to users and outperform competitors. By exploring and integrating advanced new technologies, companies can transform emerging technical capabilities and deep research insights into innovative product concepts and strategic business opportunities, staying at the forefront of their industries and outperforming competitors.

Companies may need these services in situations such as

  • Technological advancements (like AI) 

  • Obsolete products or services, product line expansion 

  • Competitive pressures or market disruption

  • Sustainability, social responsibility, or regulatory changes 

Here are a few design packages designed to get you to a breakthrough.



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Bring beautiful, usable digital products to life that generate incredible business value, human value, differentiation and delight.

What you get
  • Product UI Designs (Screens) 
  • User/Screen flows, App Maps, and other key documentation
  • 1-3 Clickable Prototypes
  • UI Component Library
  • Product reqs. feature roadmap
  • Visual Language/Brand Docs 
  • Usability Testing
  • KPIs and Success Metrics
  • Design QA Review Rounds
  • Product & Strategy report

Service & System

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Untangle complex connected experiences, services, and the product logic beneath platforms and portfolio-wide initiatives.

What you get
  • System Maps, User Flows, Journey Maps, & Service Blueprints
  • Service/System Experience Prototypes
  • Service/System Overview & Strategy Report
  • Operating Procedures & Team Tasks
  • Service/System Maturity Model & Feature Roadmaps
  • Design QA Review Rounds

Emerging Tech

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Transform emerging technical capabilities and deep research into exploratory product concepts and strategic business opportunities.

What you get
  • Detailed Interaction Models, User flows, System Maps, Customer Journey Maps
  • Interaction Design Concepts Sketches & Diagrams
  • Interaction Model Overview & Strategy Report
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Video/Animated Interaction Mockup/Demonstration
  • Maturity Models & Roadmaps
  • User Testing

"Humanistic is like our external brain. They operate like no designers I’ve ever met, producing groundbreaking research for us that has influenced strategy and technical roadmaps. Not only do they understand the business and design aspects of the challenge, but the actual science underneath, reviewing hundreds of peer-reviewed papers to understand the technical nuance in the space."

Chief Scientist, HCI Research Group
Confidential Global Tech Co.
Past Design Solutions
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Questions we get

What if I already work with a big management consultancy or design firm?

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  • Larger firms prioritize billable hours over client impact.
  • We are faster, scrappier, and deliver more value per investment dollar than the competition.
  • Our team is focused and lean. You are getting results, not overhead.

Can you understand my specific domain or business deeply enough?

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  • We’re a fresh set of eyes that combat unconscious bias and groupthink.
  • You’re the expert. We work collaboratively with you and your team to employ that subject matter expertise.
  • We specialize in challenging industry-held assumptions and norms. Disruption is our default.

How are you different from my researchers or designers?

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  • We are not constrained by entrenched organizational thinking or reporting structures.
  • We will provide you unvarnished results, with an aim to amaze.
  • We’re rare, expert generalists with a unique Humanistic mindset.

Why shouldn’t I just hire you to my team?

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  • Part of why our approach is successful is because we bring an outside perspective and way of doing things.
  • Independence helps us explore and gather experiences and perspectives from the wider world in order to build a deeper diversity of thought.

Are my business problems “innovation” problems?

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  • Any business problem you solve is an innovation.
  • It can be difficult to see the inherent value of a business problem without an external lens, and we help you determine the road to that value
  • Our work often produces unintended extra value and unexpected new opportunities.

How do I justify the price of working with your firm?

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  • Our offerings provide asymmetric upside and value relative to cost.
  • The output of our engagements is so fruitful, that the cost to file the mountains of patentable IP we produce often exceed the initial engagement cost.

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Speed & Stealth


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Rapid, targeted interventions that
fly under the radar and get you moving, without risking your reputation or breaking the bank.

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Get moving
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A Dose of Reality


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Research packages that validate assumptions and get to the truth
of what your customers and stakeholders really think.

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Get informed
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