We humanize
the future.

Humanistic is a strategic innovation consultancy.

We invent technologies, products, experiences, and interactions that improve people’s lives and make the future worth living in.

Our Philosophy

The world is changing rapidly. This, in turn, puts intense pressure on organizations to continually monitor and respond to emergent customer behaviours, shifting industry trends, and disruptive technological breakthroughs.

To do more than just react, organizations need to look much further forward than they currently do. Instead of sleepwalking into a future that's bad for their business and worse for people, we help them explore and shape the future that they want — proactively.

Humanistic was created to bring a people-first approach to innovation in a vast sea of technocratic ideologies, myopic shareholder-only thinking, and corporate inertia. Because the truth is, the best way to sustainably create new business and social value — as well as breakthrough products and experiences — is to focus on real human problems.

Our services
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Vision & 

Identify bold new visions of the future, market threats or risks, and opportunities to create value for new groups of customers — with a concrete plan for how to get there.

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Research &

Uncover the deeper human complexities and insights that drive breakthrough innovation — fundamental for understanding more than just the what, but the why.

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Design &

Collaboratively explore, experiment, and realize new products, services, and experiences — flawlessly executed, without guesswork or gut decisions.

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Training &

Assess and grow your in-house capacity for empathy, creativity, and curiosity — amplifying the level of innovation that is possible at your organization.

Our Work
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Learn to think in a Humanistic way

Explore new contexts and strange futures, discover the why behind customers and market shifts, and translate those insights into inspiration and compelling experiences for today.

The future you want isn’t going to create itself.

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