Tactical Packages

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Rapid, targeted interventions that fly under the radar and get you moving, without risking your reputation or breaking the bank.

Problem: Interia

Risk-averse culture makes projects slow & expensive.

Companies often face multiple sources of friction that render innovation a fundamentally risky, expensive, and slow process. Resistance to change, bureaucracy, limited resources, siloed departments, fear of failure, inadequate skill sets, and outdated technology all hinder an organization's ability to make new things and compete in the market.

Our rapid, targeted interventions can help organizations overcome these challenges with rapid product/experience assessments, tactical customer/market research, or scope-limited design sprints. Each of these service packages is designed to promote a culture of change by cutting through the bureaucracy, maximizing resource efficiency, and accelerating the adoption of new processes. In short, they get things done fast, cheaply, in a way that makes your organization more adaptive.

When you need an expert second opinion to get me a few quick wins.

A comprehensive review and analysis of a product's usability, customers, market, and overall experience is essential for companies launching a new product or feature, responding to market shifts, enhancing user experience, addressing performance metrics, and preparing for expansion.

When you need to

  • Identify areas for improvement

  • Uncover opportunities for innovation

  • Inform strategic decision-making

  • Drive growth and success

When you need to know what or why people think about ____.

Understanding user behaviour and perceptions is vital for successful innovation projects. Even when companies are facing significant obstacles and red tape, a focused research study can provide valuable insights without the need for extensive resources or lengthy approval processes.

When you need to

  • Gain actionable insights that help validate ideas

  • Pick a direction or path forward

  • Inform strategic decisions

  • Reduce the risks associated with launching new products or features

When you need to quickly get something in front of our users/stakeholders.

Bet small, lose small. There are many situations where a compact design sprint can help streamline an otherwise slow and drawn out innovation process. By condensing the product design process into tight, targeted sprints, companies can quickly develop and present concepts to stakeholders and users, learn where they succeed and fail, and turnaround improvements rapidly.

When you need to

  • Overcome internal resistance to a concept (by prototyping it)

  • Cheaply demonstrate the potential of new ideas

  • Remove unneeded steps in the approval process, go around bureaucracy 

  • Minimize the reputational risks associated with project delays or failures

Here are a few tactical packages designed to get you to a breakthrough, faster.



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A review and analysis of your product, its usability, customers, market, and overall experience.

What you get
  • Targeted Assessment Report covering your product, its usability, customers, market, and overall experience
  • Actionable recommendations for tactical quick wins and larger strategic considerations


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A tight, rapid research study with a small participant group to help you answer key questions, de-risk plans, or gain directionality.

What you get
  • Insights Report
  • Verbatim transcriptions and raw data from participants (anonymized, tagged, coded)
  • Learnings & discoveries
  • Tactical & strategic recommendations
  • Usability Testing Focus


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A compact ideation and design sprint to get your idea from napkin to mockups in front of the people that matter in record time.

What you get
  • Concept ideation sketches
  • Design mockups, Journey maps, or other artifacts
  • A presentation deck walking through concept(s)
  • 1 or more sharable, clickable digital prototypes
  • Usability Testing Concepts

"Shawn, Matt and the Humanistic team brought a number of unique and fresh perspectives to the table, along with an incredible work ethic. They produced high-quality results in a remarkably short period of time and broadened our thinking about what the vision of this organization could be. Working with them was a great spark for creativity and innovation."

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Ideshini Naidoo
Chief Technology officer
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Questions we get

What if I already work with a big management consultancy or design firm?

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  • Larger firms prioritize billable hours over client impact.
  • We are faster, scrappier, and deliver more value per investment dollar than the competition.
  • Our team is focused and lean. You are getting results, not overhead.

Can you understand my specific domain or business deeply enough?

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  • We’re a fresh set of eyes that combat unconscious bias and groupthink.
  • You’re the expert. We work collaboratively with you and your team to employ that subject matter expertise.
  • We specialize in challenging industry-held assumptions and norms. Disruption is our default.

How are you different from my researchers or designers?

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  • We are not constrained by entrenched organizational thinking or reporting structures.
  • We will provide you unvarnished results, with an aim to amaze.
  • We’re rare, expert generalists with a unique Humanistic mindset.

Why shouldn’t I just hire you to my team?

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  • Part of why our approach is successful is because we bring an outside perspective and way of doing things.
  • Independence helps us explore and gather experiences and perspectives from the wider world in order to build a deeper diversity of thought.

Are my business problems “innovation” problems?

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  • Any business problem you solve is an innovation.
  • It can be difficult to see the inherent value of a business problem without an external lens, and we help you determine the road to that value
  • Our work often produces unintended extra value and unexpected new opportunities.

How do I justify the price of working with your firm?

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  • Our offerings provide asymmetric upside and value relative to cost.
  • The output of our engagements is so fruitful, that the cost to file the mountains of patentable IP we produce often exceed the initial engagement cost.

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Research packages that validate assumptions and get to the truth
of what your customers and stakeholders really think.

Get informed
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Get informed
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A radical array of service packages that enable exceptional new ideas, imbue novel methods, and discover fresh perspectives.

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