Rethinking the real estate transaction life-cycle

Confidential Client
January 2017

Dealtap had already built an MVP of their real estate transaction management platform but was still looking to fix key client customer complaints, and find a stronger product-market fit. They approached us to help them get to the heart of their customers' journeys through various aspects of a real estate transaction, and ultimately to design and deliver a much more intuitive service and user experience.

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We dove into the challenge by facilitating a series of in-depth customer experience capture and generative research workshops to uncover the deeper nuance and opportunities hidden within the broader real estate transaction lifecycle. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the real estate transaction process (and its various edge-cases), we identified pain points, desired features of key user groups, and a multitude of areas for overall improvement.

This research ultimately led to a reimagining of critical parts of the software, resulting in designed solutions and interactions that significantly streamlined one of the most antiquated, manual, and paper-heavy processes for Canadians — buying and selling real estate. 

The new Dealtap software became the first all-in-one transaction and contract management tool recognized by both the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). This groundbreaking software platform now fully addressed the initial customer issue and significantly elevated the overall user experience, leading to a more seamless and efficient real estate transaction process far beyond the current state.

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The success of our collaboration with Dealtap is further evidence that combining deep human-centered research can lead to innovative products and services that truly resonate with the market. In 2019, Dealtap's achievements were recognized and rewarded when the company was acquired by FCT (First Canada Title), marking a significant milestone for the real estate software and highlighting the value of our collaborative efforts in transforming the industry.

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